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Yes all the federation ships that have come out have made those teeth S'nta K'laws of the House of K'ringle rot and fall out. It is sad times in the empire almost a whole human year since any Blood was spilt on a new C-store Klingon Vessel or even any celebrations with Bloodwin and More Bloodletting.

It is time for the House of K'ringle to unveil a Retrofit Negh'Var that isn't filled with federation tapestries, food replicators, or sonic showers... No more high end engineering toothless wonder Heavy Battle Cruisers...

So let our wishes of having a new ship before this year ends because many of warriors have counted all the fingers and toes or claws of all their house members and still that many days and months has expired! So the Empire has patience but it ran out uhhh last wednesday I think it was right when vesta tractor beams were installed!