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# 36 You have to be kidding...
11-05-2012, 09:42 PM
If this is the way things are going, I won't even bother with STFs any more.

I only do them (STFs) for the dilithium. I have my Mk XII gear. I don't do them for the drops, nor for the teamwork (LOL?), nor for the company. If I want to destroy my faith in humanity as well as get dilithium....I PUG it.

Seriously? You want me to hop into an STF with a pitiful dilithium return for time invested, with people who usually have less dps than a carrier pet, have NO idea of what to do, and cannot or will not bother to ask, or understand simple constructive instructions. Making the payout for an elite STF the same as a daily? Right...yeah...not happening.

I currently don't do fleet events (outside of my own fleet), due to not getting dilithium as a reward. Seeing as this will change, I might go there...but same thing, I look at the return for effort.

Seeing that I am not the only person in this boat, I cannot see why you (cryptic) think this is a good idea.

Leave the dilithium rewards alone. Having a contribution bonus is a good idea, but is skewed toward tactical captains and escorts if you are looking at only dps.

With all the dilithium sinks and demands in the game, it only makes playing this game more frustrating to have your sources of dilithium get squeezed.

I am concerned that that this is a play to get people to buy more dilithium with zen. I am not usually one of the people who jump on "PWE/Cryptic just wants your money" bandwagon...but in light of this and all the new dilithium sinks, it make me wonder.