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11-05-2012, 08:45 PM
I use the runabouts because they have tractor beams and are decently armed. They can hold stuff down while I blast it, and it's very helpful. Sometimes I switch them out for peregrines. I wouldn't advise using delta flyers though. They're less durable than runabouts and don't have tractor beams or do the DPS of the fighters. If carrier had two hangars then they might work well in tandem with something, but on their own I've found them to be kinda underwhelming.

I use 3 AP DHC's in the front and one DBB, all MKXII borg. For PVP you'd probably want to use something other than borg weapons though, since the [borg] modifier is kinda useless there. I have 3 AP turrets in the back, and use 4 AP mags. I've sacrificed a science console slot for the torp console, so it's not quite as tanky as it could be since I'm only using one Shield Emitter console, but it still holds up quite well with the right abilities (Tac team I and II, HE, EMP I and II, RPS, and TSS). I also use BFAW and SV for tac abilities so that I can hit crowds better--the runabouts hold them down, and I blast them all at once. Kills borg BoPs in seconds in STFs this way. I also use attack pattern omega to release from those pesky tractor beams.

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