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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
Where did this come from?

I am not dictating to other players what should be best endgame. I don't have to. The game does that already. And I agree, the Excelsior should be retired, but since it's so popular, it was put into game. And it's actually a very nasty little ship. I had one go head to head with my Tac Oddy and it was able to hold it's own. It never went through my shields, but it survived very well.

As for your other statement about flying your fave ship, by all means please do. I certainly won't stop you. But I won't support everyone having their favorite ship be the most powerful. I already said that yes, the Galaxy is underpowered. I have said it many times over many threads. I agree that for such an iconic ship, it got the short end of the stick, but they gave us alternatives that are very powerful.

I mean, what is the Regent? Just a pretty skin? Well other than that, it's also a very powerful cruiser. It's one of the four purely tactical cruisers. That includes the Assault Cruiser, Mirror Universe Assault Cruiser, Regent Class Cruiser, and Tactical Odyssey Cruiser. You want a cruiser that can deal damage, use one of those four.

If you want a cruiser that will never die and can tank to kingdom come, use a Star Cruiser, Mirror Star Cruiser, Fleet Star Cruiser, Galaxy-R, Science and Operations Odysseys. But don't expect them to be able to deal tons of damage. At least not the way the others listed above can.

As for ships I don't honestly know how to classify, well those include the Galor and Excelsior, since those two ships are nimble little buggers that can deal damage and tank, but not as well as the others in either respect simply due to design (I may be wrong here, but don't blast me too hard plox, the Borg do it enough already). And the D'kora? I still am having trouble figuring out what that ship is XD.

That being said, in answer to your comment above, if your favorite ship doesn't cut it quite like you want it to, there are alternatives. They may not be your favorite ship, but at least they exist. Hell, I was dubious about the Odyssey when I first saw it, and was still quite fond of my Sovereign, but I gave it a chance, and now I love it. It may not be that pretty, but it grows on you, and eventually you get used to it, then start to like it, and now like me, really like it.
Lets talk about popular for a minute.

How many tv show episodes and or movies has the ODDY been in?

Now compare that number, to say, the Galaxy or Soveriegn.

Simple truth, people are attracted to STO are most likely fans of the tv shows and films. The Galaxy Enterprise and the Sovereign Enterprise were just as much a staring character as Jean Luc Picard and Data.

Look around, how much of STO's modelling is based off TNG/DS9/Voyager. 50%, 75%, 99% of the game features content that looks and feels like those shows in my opinion. Yet the those iconic ships, including the Voyager, are obsolete by vessels with little or no tv/movie time.

One of the most powerful ships in the game isn't even a Federation or Klingon vessel, it's a bug! I have nothing personal against the Jem'Hadar Attack Ship, but it's small beans in the big scheme of Star Trek.

Now I think they did an amazing job designing the Oddy. It fits into the Star Trek universe well. But I prolly will never see it on the big screen. I am fortunate enough to have seen many Enterprises, including the D and the E on the silverscreen. They are, for lack of a better term, moviestars. They deserve more respect than STO gives them. Without them, there would be no STO period!