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11-06-2012, 12:31 AM
The skills (for my captain) bug the hell outta me. It seems I was mistaken to make a 'Tactical' class because all I ever get are things that help me do more damage but I'm not sure if taking any of the other skills such as 'StarShip Hull Repair' or 'StarShip Shield Emitters' do anything to help me. Do they affect the skills of my bridge officers instead?

The entire system is so convulated and confusing to newbies that I'm surprised that it is still in such a state.

I'm curious as to when (if ever) I get at least one free 'respec' token for my captain?
Do I even get one as a free (silver) player? Ever?

Yes I've read the forum guides, they're not helpful in explaining things properly to me (and possibly many other newbies).

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