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Originally Posted by red01999 View Post
IMO, the Odyssey is a very solid ship.

The Odyssey Star Cruiser (the anniversary edition) is essentially a bulkier, tankier Star Cruiser. You are not going to be impressed with it because it's a lobotomized version of the science Odyssey variant.

The "real thing" is, IMO, much better. Personally I favor the tactical version; although the science ship has Sensor Analysis, it takes forever for it to match/exceed the extra punch of the third tactical slot.

However, the biggest problem is determining WHICH ONE TO GET, obviously. You need to look at the hulls and the goodies to determine what you want. IMO, the Operations Odyssey has the best console and the worst hull. The console is sufficiently good that if I had to pick one, I'd probably pick this one, but it's worth knowing what you're getting into hull-wise. The tactical Odyssey is probably the most solid for doing DPS, but the console should be named 'The Barge of the Dead,' in my experience, due to its propensity to be torn to bits. The Science Odyssey's hull is an interesting one, due to Sensor Analysis, but has certain limitations (most notably the way Sensor Analysis "commits" you to a specific opponent, which is especially troublesome if you want to help out a teammate). The Work Bees aren't magic, but they ARE helpful - it's a little like Nanite Health Monitor except for space. That said, they have no offensive application whatsoever, so while it's good for helping you tank and protecting allies, it's useless for DPS, except in the sense that it keeps ships intact to do more damage.

If the turn rate bothers you then you're going to want to get the Operations Odyssey at the very least, due to the saucer sep, which is also, IMO, the best console. Don't make the mistake so many people do and assume the saucer is worth anything - it's very poor in terms of pet value. The real benefit is getting rid of the saucer. It won't turn your ship into an escort, but it's more agile than the Excelsior, at least with all three consoles equipped.

IMO the best thing to do is pick up all three in the pack; ultimately, that gives you maximum versatility.

However, you're going to have to realize something - while there are band-aids for the Ody's agility, there is no true cure. Even saucer separation won't truly fix this due to the relatively lengthy cooldown, even when you factor in the Odyssey set's reduction to that cooldown. At some point you're going to have to face the fundamental nature of the Odyssey : a big, bloated space whale. While you can do things to help with this, if you can't deal with this then it is not the ship for you. Also note that the inertia rating is of concern as well - that's why it's harder to control than the Galaxy class. That said, there have been people able to do surprising things with it - I have seen some surprisingly effective cannon-centric setups.

Personally, although I'm currently on the Regent right now, I would suggest the tactical variation with all three consoles, the engineering slots with neutronium, the science slots with field generators, and the tactical slots with energy type boosters. I put two of the console set in the engineering slots and one in a science slot. As the Borg console bonus is going away it gives more room for adding another armor/shield console if it's ditched, while keeping the MACO shields and Borg engines/deflector. It's worked well for me. You might well prefer the Omega set for agility boosts.

As a note, it would be helpful if you told what your captain's career is, and aren't afraid of the One True Build (TM) fans telling you you are an idiot for even entertaining the thought of not using a particular ship type... unless it's an engineer in which case many would tell you you are an idiot for considering any other ship.
Originally Posted by razellis View Post
This isn't an easy set of questions.

Yes the ody is worth owning but if you don't like the base one there's no reason to expect you to like the others any more.

As for the Ody versus the Vesta its all pretty conditional. They seem pretty balanced to me given the differences between the two ships but will shine in totally different scenarios.

For PVE play the Vesta will far out perform the Ody because cruisers don't have much of a place in PVE play and a good Sci ship is always fun. In PVP play the Ody will probably still be the stronger of the two. The dedicated Cmdr Sci slot seems weaker than an Ody's dedicated Cmdr Engineering slot in PVP play and the Vesta will be more vulnerable to PVP style spike damage.

All my observations are based on the below.

Base Stats (for all Multi-Mission Science Vessels):

Rank Required: Vice Admiral
Hull Strength: 27,800
Shield Modifier: 1.35
Crew: 750
Weapons: 3 Fore, 3 Aft
Device Slots: 3
Bridge Officer Stations: 1 Lieutenant Tactical, 1 Lieutenant Engineering, 1 Commander Science, 1 Ensign Universal, 1 Lieutenant Commander Universal
Base Turn Rate: 13 degrees per second
Impulse Modifier: 0.16
Sensor Analysis
Subsystem Targeting
Can Equip Cannons
Aux Phaser Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XII [Acc] [Dmg]x2
1 Hangar Bay ? with 1 wing of Danube Runabouts
As usual, Razellis with his input of knowledge and logic. Very good Synopsis IMO.

Now as for my opinion. I asked this very same question a while back, and got answers similar to this. But it begs the question. What do you want from your ship? You cannot really compare the vesta to the oddy. Well you can, but it won't be accurate, since the Vesta is a science ship, whereas the Oddy is a cruiser. So I shall go into what each ship does in my eyes.

The Odyssey is basically a space whale. There is no getting around that. It turns like the Titanic, and takes as long to get going as Bowser does in Mario Kart. But, unlike the Titanic and Bowser, the thing is virtually indestructible if you build it right. There are 3 classes as you are aware, and each has it's own strengths and weaknesses.

The Tactical Oddy is exactly that. It's the damage dealing Odyssey. It comes with a backup ship that likes to die stupidly pointless deaths, but out of the 3, it's got the best damage console setup, 3/4/3. Also it comes with a bonus 10 weapon power which makes it great for combat. Add on the +5 to shields and aux and that's a good ship overall.

The Operations Oddy comes with the best console (chevron sep), but probably the worst console layout. I cannot really fathom any reason as to why you would ever need a 2/5/3 setup, but that's just me. Also, it's only 2 tactical consoles make it a little weak firepower wise. However it is the most balanced as power setup goes. +5 to every subsystem, just like most cruisers.

The Science Oddy is probably one of the most stupidly powerful tanks there is. It has one of the less useful consoles, but I suppose the repairs are nice. As consoles go though, it's almost the perfect tank. 2/4/4 leaves room for neutronium and lots of field generators (which currently stack with no diminishing returns). Combine that with the BOff setup that the Odyssey has, and you can have a practically invincible tank. Also the +10 power to shields and aux make it great for healing and shield maintenance.

I personally run a Tactical Odyssey with the Chevron Separation Console. That makes a naaasty ship. So for tanking requirements, the Odyssey is by far the best.

However for almost anything else, the Vesta is better. She handles better, she can probably DPS slightly better if not outright better, and she has better CC and console abilities. But her hp is much lower (27.8k as opposed to the Odyssey's 42k) so she can be nuked down pretty hard by things like transphasics and tricobalts. However that is the only weakness I can see on that ship currently.

So if you want a tank that can do decent damage, go with the Odyssey. If you want a CC and damage dealer that is basically very powerful, go with the Vesta.

As for which ones to get? That again is playstyle based, but if money is no object, get the 3 packs and mix and match. However if your funding is limited, and you want an oddy, I would go with the Operations variant simply because it has the saucer sep and the engi consoles so it has the best hull survivability and is the most likely to be able to get around and do things. As for the Vesta, if you can't get the 3 pack, I would actually go with the Standard Vesta, the Sci variant. It seems to have the most balance of the 3, so naturally I would pick that.
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