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11-06-2012, 01:27 AM
The only reason I don't like the only the winner gets the points idea is what if your a great pvper but none of your team is online. (Me for example. The team I play with we live in 4 different time zones it's only about 2 times a week we are all on at the same time. So what happens if the really good play has to pug or go in a 2 man team. He might have 13 kills had the best burst dps best heals and did more work then everyone else in the game but his teammates all suck and ended up being food. Is that fair for him? I like the pvp rep system but how about on an individual basis. Dosent matter how good your team is if you did good you get rewarded if you sucked you get penalized. It would work out better for everyone also I would like to see an assist score in the game instea of everyone who did any damage getting the kill have it so the kill blow get the kill and everyone else gets the assist if you helped.