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11-06-2012, 12:43 AM
Originally Posted by cynder2012 View Post
I like it...i've never noticed any thing major with the current modifier.
Amen, as it stands, Dmg is little more than a laughable means of making item rarity go up more than anything else right now.

I forgot to mention that I feel this really helps balance out the ideas of:

Sustained vs spike vs hit

Hit being accuracy, mostly used for PvP more than anything else, so you can...well, hit your target.

Spike is pretty simple, things like CRF, Spinal Phaser Lance, etc etc etc. It's everywhere in the game.

Sustained though is hurting the most IMO. The new Dmg modifier would help out the Spike damage due to extra hits with every shot fired, true, but it'd make sustained DPS a much much more effective means of truly dealing damage, particularly in the PvE endgame.