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11-06-2012, 01:48 AM
If they really wanted to do it the Klingon way its rather simple. You have a old enemy, that has tried to destroy your empire via betrayal, and cowardly tactics. Being a Klingon you see your old enemy in a weakened state, the only response is clear all out war to finish them off. Conquer them.

The problem is in todays society conquest, and well finishing off an enemy is considered wrong. More and more I see this attitude translate into mmos via the story line. I cant tell you how many times, as one player said Ive seen a copy and paste job for the KDF point of view, instead of a actual Klingon response. Its like I was defending a Klingon starbase, got to a hostile npcs, who was in fact a Klingon. I was about to kill it, when the so called Klingon said I surrender. Its like really seriously? This type of thing is all throughout star trek online.

Maybe some day that will change but for now we will have to put up with the naive fed position, that everything can be solved with diplomacy, that you take prisoners, that you do not wipe out enemies, and so on and so forth.