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Short term

1. A fix for the problem that I can't rename costumes on my Caitian characters.
2. Increase dilithium refinement cap, or kill it altogether
3. Increase dilithium rewards, especially in light of S7 dilithium sinks.

Mid term

1. Have pets that result from saucer separation/mvam use the same weapons as the main ship, not the standard phasers and photon torps.
2. Ability to equip custom weapons to carrier pets
3. Defining the standard uniform for the entire ship crew

Long term

1. Flotilla System:
- Have bridge officers that are not assigned to stations/away teams command the the players old ships, to form a small flotilla, which would be fitting for a Vice Admiral.
- AI behaviour could be controlled by a gambit system, like that in Final Fantasy 12. E.g. "attack fleet leader's target", "if hull integrity below x %, hull heal ability", "if target's facing shield down, fire torpedoes", etc.
- Aquisition of these gambits could be tied into the crafting system, meaning you would have to spend resources and time to improve your flotilla's abilities and would make the crafting system useful even for VAs.
- The abilities of each ship in the flotilla would be limited to the commanding bridge officer's space abilities, giving more incentive to the player to develop bridge officers that are not actually used on the main ship.
- The total number of ships in the flotilla, player included, could be limited to 4, to prevent overpowering players who buy ship slots.

2. Ground Combat overhaul, e.g.
- customisable weapons (colour, material, shape, attachments),
- cover system (at least for the cover shield, so you can shoot from behind cover, possibly with decreased accuracy, while the shield absorbs all the damage.),
- a ground version of the above mentioned gambit system for away teams.
- Have the character and away team automatically use different player defined outfits for away missions than on the bridge, for the player character also depending on whether it is a combat map or not (one would still wear the bridge uniform at Spacedock and Starfleet Academy)
- Bosses in story missions should always drop at least a uncommon (green) equipment item, unique to the boss, on normal difficulty, and rare (blue) on elite, with purple equipment a very rare drop on elite diff. only. That would increase replayability of story missions.
- Add some voices to ground combat, like radio chatter, enemies shouting commands at each other, grunts, screams, moans, etc. Add some of those grunts and moans to the player character and away team, too.

3. Give a non-lethal option to Federation space combat, to only incapacitate enemy ships, for example by destroying the enemy bridge, demanding enemy surrender when their hull integrity is critical, with probability of success inversely proportional to enemy hull integrity, and affected by how many of not their subsystems are still online.
Players could then be rewarded for that by "looting" the disabled ship for a small amount of dilithium, prisoners, commodities like warp coils, replicators, etc. ripped from the ship, or in rare instances, a duty officer from that ship defecting to your crew, and a small, per-ship EC reward from Starfleet for taking the non-lethal approach.
For klingons, there could be a very rare chance to salvage the entire ship, which could then be sold to the ferengi for either ec or latinum

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