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Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
See, here's where playstyle differences really come in-for ME, Heavy Cruisers are a source of frustration to operate, and even the 1000 day Destroyer is irritating to use due to what is, for me, an atrocity of a turnrate and too much mass (Inertia) for the kind of manuevering I like to use. an STF that is easy and fun for me in a BoP, even when things are going wrong, becomes an exercise in "Dear god can we get this over with???" in a Cruiser-of any kind.

And I suspect there are a lot of other people like me, even in the KDF faction. Certainly the huge number of Bugship operators out there (in spite of the estimated cost in real dollars to get the Bugship thanks to its distribution method) aren't looking for yet-another-slow-tanky-build.

insofar as I am concerned, we're SWIMMING in heavy cruisers-from Vor'cha to Bortasque, but the fun is in driving ships like the Hegh'ta, Hoh'sus (in spite of the gag-me visuals), B'rel, Norgh, Ki'tang...because they move, you can turn with them, when they accellerate it doesn't look like a city bus trying to drag race, when you kill the power they STOP...

I tried the Bortasque on Tribble-all three variants, and found it utterly NOT something I would spend real money to have. It's not a bad ship, but it's...frustrating. I've tried Vor'chas, they are ALSO frustrating, hell, even RAPTORS are frustrating to drive-even when you strip everything from engineering but maneuvering consoles, they are still just a pain in the ass to get the nose pointed where you need it pointed...but with very little effort, I can keep the nose of a BoP pointed at MOST enemy, turn inside his arc, "T" him, etc. etc. and with KHG 3-piece I can actually keep most AI driven opposition missing me enough to make up for not having huge hull and shield numbers or numerous science powers.

which I can not do, in a big, tanky, slow, clumsy cruiser.

Which is why I titled this thread with the word "Fantasies..." a ten-console BoP with the extra in engineering means either a tougher BoP, or an even quicker and more nimble BoP-i.e. playing to the type's strengths without treading too heavily on the toes of Escorts and Raptors, or infringing on Cruiser turf, or letting it go that the KDF has no true science ships of their own design (preserving factional differences, see??)

at root is the idea of a BoP that retains "Ordinary Bird of Prey Damage" but can tangle with Starfleet's bugship-killer Fleet Defiant, or play hard against a Bugship given equal players-Starfleet gets to have superior raw firepower with more guns and more weps consoles, but to deliver said firepower, they have to be able to line up the shot-ditto the Bugship (for those not knowing what a Bugship is, look at the Jem'Hadar ship-that's a "Bugship" and they're seriously OP with the ability to tank like a cruiser, turn like a fighter/shuttle and DPS like a tricked out escort. Fleet Defiant's pretty much the same thing in a Defiant costume...).

My 'fantasy' proposal relies on existing in-game artwork (The Haj skin for the Hegh'ta) and, based on the Fleet Hoh'sus, we KNOW you can have ten consoles on a Bird of Prey without breaking the game. I'm just rearranging it slightly for this, to provide a distinctive, yet useful combination capable of competing without copying.
Welp its bed time for me but just add me or send tell see if I am on just take the 001 off... I can show you some tricks to make it easy to fly something like a vor'cha or negh'var with ease... The fleet negh'var has really awesome setup its just I've always been more of a fan of the Negh'var myself but I got some tricks where you can spin them around on a dime.

I love bops and heavy battle cruisers its just that to me the bop itself they can make different costumes for it but its kind of bouncing a ball inside a really small box to keep a bop a bop but making changes where people may choose one over the other.

The easiest thing to turn with besides a bop is the Negh'Var tho... I've tried many ways to get the bortasqu' to be something I'd wanna play all the time but it just has a few finger breaking advantages... It just isn't something you want imo unless you are into trying to play a hybrid beam cannon broadsiding method. Overall though not everyone likes the HBC's like I do but... I do know ways to atleast make the vorcha and negh'var fun to play I'd just like some more *teeth" with a negh'var when I fly it... just doesn't feel right offensively although I've pretty much maximized what I can do with it on that front.