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11-06-2012, 01:33 AM
I have been playing with an Armitage on Tribble with MACO MK XII Shields and Borg Deflector and Engine MK XI (what the current ones become in S7) . Not too much different as both procs were random anyway. I'll probably keep running it on my Eng in the Armitage and might upgrade to the Mk XII Borg ones when I get up to that Tier. I'll see how the 2 piece Borg MK XI + MACO Mk XII works on my Sci captain with a Vesta when it launches, probably transitioning to Adapted set (basically KHG) for the nice Aux bonus.

My two KDF chars (both Tac) were both running with Borg Deflector with KHG shields and engines. I'll be keeping KHG shields and engines but dropping the Borg deflector for a Positron with boosted Structural and Shield Systems for more tankiness, as the three-piece KHG pseudo-cloak is nearly useless.

All my chars will be keeping the console on board, the extra crits and +5 Wep power are nice for everyone, and the extra Starship Graviton Generators it gives will help out my Sci's Gravity Wells. Plus, I'll get the Kinetic Cutting Beam on at least some of my chars, which is part of the console's set.