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Originally Posted by sohtoh View Post
Of course you can, I have read them too; but they are still in the minority. I took the time to work my build to be effective and not a lot do but wish to instead ask for outrageous things; but I do see some problems that I pointed out in the rest of my post, that you didn't include in your reply. Do I think you were condescending? No. You focused on what you felt you needed to address and I really have no problem with that.

In regards to hanover2's post... please read the sixth paragraph of my post. A Cruiser is considered a liability in STFs. Mostly because they are not needed or wanted for tanking. The Cruiser's role has been taken over by the tanky escort and the heal boat science vessel. Cruiser's are stuck in the middle with no real role at present. I know what their intended role is, but as I said, they are not wanted or needed at present. In my D'Kora, I debuff the enemy with Attack Pattern Beta 2 (have the three Conn Duty Officers to reduce the cooldown, so it is up most of the time), I am also able to heal my teammates as needed, and I can also hold aggro fairly well (Donatra loves me). That is the best I can do in my role; even if its not wanted.
Thank you and I apologise for being very critical. It was late and I was frustrated and I took it out on everyone.

The only thing I wish to mention, is I believe that the problem is not with cruisers per say, but the nature of STF's themselves. Its not the ships that are the problem.