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For the record I instantly said no to that. And I understand where you are coming from. I too want more content/ships/attention to be done with the KDF. However until that happens I will just sit in my Tor'Kaht, get crap from all the nearby escorts for flying a cruiser, and then laugh quietly to myself as I not only draw aggro off of them, but then proceed to not only hold aggro, but stay alive with ease against most boss class enemies.

I really do wish they would add more content to the Klingon side. But what you need to remember is that the majority of players are feds. Therefore Cryptic/PWE is only going where the money is. The feds. Also, this is a post in the Fed subforum. Of course the majority of us are going to ignore the KDF completely here. I only post about federation things here unless I am laughing at how much better KDF stuff is in certain cases. Or if I really think the feds are getting out of hand.

However as soon as I enter the KDF subforums, I instantly go KDF. I think and breathe KDF only for the most part.

Yes, it's unfair that the KDF got shafted again, especially by a ship as stupidly powerful as the Vesta is going to be (seriously, that ship only has one bloody weakness, it's low base HP, it's stupid!!). And I am annoyed that the KDF got screwed by a few other things. But as I stated before, this is a Fed subforum. So naturally... you hear fed gripes here, with little to no regard for anything else.
Bud I apologise for my attitude.

From my experience cruisers get given so much grief in STF's because they try and accomplish things they just not great at.

What is wrong with the notion that an engineer's best role on the battlefield is support?

Why do players not get a thrill out of being that guy on the team that is just phenomenal at moments you are about to die, and suddenly he brings you back from death's door.

Thats the guy I remember. And that's the guy I send 100% of my friend requests to. Thats the guy I would have on my team any day. Healers are the rarest and most difficult career to master, because it requires you to multi-task at a moment's notice across 5 players. Cruiser's and Engineers in general, should be proud of that.

Instead I see a lot of cruisers that refuse to heal their team and try and be the man.

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