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11-06-2012, 02:11 AM
I don?t think they would ever make a system that gives nothing or takes away from the loser.

But you could give bonuses for what you do in a match. Here are some examples (space arena values)

5 marks for a kill

1 mark per 50,000 damage done to an opponent

1 mark per 50,000 self-heal

2 marks per 50,000 team heal

2 marks per 50,000 damage taken.

1 mark for each second you ?hold? or ?disable? an opponent

-5 marks for a death (can?t go below 10 marks)

1 mark per 30 seconds of ?red alert? status

The winner gets the different in score (final score is 0-15 winners get 15 marks, or final score is 14-15 winners get 1 mark)