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11-06-2012, 02:24 AM
Ground combat is hard compared to space because in anything except PVP and the STFs any player can do almost anything in space. Between the many many ship types and hybrid roles, bridge officers, duty officers and gear there are virtually no restrictions on what a given player can do. In most cases, to become a half-decent DPS, healer or tank, the only think a player will need to do is swap his Bridge officers around and maybe change ships, sometimes not even then. There are obviously specializations, but for the most part class doesn't matter in space.

Compare it to ground combat, where the class differences are very clearly defined. There are very specific and obvious differences between what a science officer, tactical officer, and engineering officer can do and what they are good at. Combine this with the typical "puzzle style" combat of the STF bosses and some of the stage gimmicks, and you have a formula that throws many players for a loop, especially since the solo ground missions don't call for the kind of coordination and synergy that STFs typically do.

As a result, ground combat requires more smarts and tactics, but is also more frustrating and demanding.