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Originally Posted by travelingmaster View Post
I agree, having a 'safe' zone would make the most sense. As for Ker'rat. . .just get rid of the automatic warp-in action every time the map resets. N'Vak doesn't do it, why does Ker'rat?
It would be nice if they would do that similar to how N'Vak handles reset.

As far as the safe zone goes, that is a good idea, however there should be a "timer" on it as well since players could/would just sit there for the duration of the game.

Outside that, in all seriousness, move toward the center of the map. I know friends and I go into a PVP map, we look at the zone roster, scoreboard to see if it's even (if it's not we try to give time for the others to come or have a X # sit out so it is even,) then move toward the center. We sit at the center for a short duration, if we don't see the other players we progress closer and closer to seek them out.

Also use tact team when under fire and don't use RSP when you make contact and your shields are full. Cycle your shields heals when taking fire and cross heal your teammates so your team doesn't get wiped pushing the other team ever closer to your spawn.
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