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Originally Posted by drkfrontiers View Post
The only thing I wish to mention, is I believe that the problem is not with cruisers per say, but the nature of STF's themselves. Its not the ships that are the problem.
I wish my thread hadn't been misinterpreted as a demand for Cruisers to be made into damage beasts. Did you read my op? I want slightly more turn rate, a slight buff to beams (which benefits everyone) and a universal ensign for one Fleet ship. The dreadnought changes I came up with were kind of a pie in the sky idea, even though I merely suggested it receive an extra console and two tactical lieutenants, which is hardly stepping on an escort's toes. I was originally going to suggest that the ship become a lockbox item to compensate.

It's pretty obvious that I do not want cruisers to be like escorts. I want them to be slightly better than they currently are. Then suddenly my thread got hijacked by a pack of demanding whiners with all kinds of stupid overpowered ideas for cruisers which we've all heard before and which I do not agree with. This is precisely what I wanted to avoid.

By the way, do you use Fed cruisers much, or are you mostly a KDF player?

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