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I imagine this is something that's been on people's minds and I wanted to specifically ask those that are playing Klingons what their thoughts and feelings are on this subject and perhaps to stir up some discussion for a possible justification for what we'll be getting with New Romulus.

So far, the information we've gotten in the form of Dev Blogs and what's currently available on the Tribble Test Server all paint a very Federation-centric view on the current state of affairs with New Romulus. Romulan refugees looking to setup shop on a planet to build a colony to live in peace, away from the strife that has grip over places such as Rator III. The colony needs help in order to grow and thrive, a task that the Federation and Starfleet are more than willing to lend a hand on as they're all about humanitarian aid and stretching out the hand of friendship.

What's the Klingon angle though?

My expectation would very much be that the Klingons would see the shattered remains of the Romulan Empire to be an ideal place for expansion. It wasn't that long ago that the Klingons launched an invasion but were stopped by Romulan E. Lee, but the military surely is even more fractured now that it was before.

Could it be perhaps that the High Council has decided to go with a "Hearts and Minds" approach with New Romulus? Perhaps. Having aided Obisek, and Obisek throwing his support behind the colony, it's possible that the High Council doesn't want to lose their friend Obisek and jeopardize their potential opportunity to learn some of the secrets the Vault may have. In that instance, I find it more plausible that the Klingons would just use/threaten force with regards to the Vault rather than attempt to resolve the situation diplomatically.

Any thoughts or insights you Klingon players have with regards to why the Klingons are on New Romulus would be welcome. At the moment, I don't have a strong story justification for it available to me.
Honestly? it's hard to stretch things to the point where this makes any sense at all from a "Klingon" perspective, just as the three or four retread Fed Undine missions don't make any damn sense from a KDF perspective.

The problem IS writing-I could come up with 6-100 different ways to make New Romulus make some kind of sense, tied to the disgrace of House Torg and the Undine Invasion, using the Gorn situation as a political basis and the Borg threat...but not one of those reasons can be copy/pasted from a Federation perspective core mission set.

For "New Romulus" and the whole baggage of Romulan Marks to make ANY sense would require more work than Cryptic/PWE is willing to put in-including the dreaded "Lower level/non-endgame" content needed to build a story which has New Romulus being supported by the Klingon Empire being any sort of reasonable, or even workable, outcome.

one of the fundamental reasons why the work won't happen, is that Luxchristian clearly articulated what Cryptic's dev team has effectively demonstrated as their 'idea' of the Klingons-

Originally Posted by luxchristian
"The problem with Klingons is that they are just second class black space orcs with bad teeths.

So the only plot element left for Klingons is fighting. And that is why they won't never have much story missions (I really enjoyed the few of them, even if they were a little bit silly). And why Defera, Omega Fleet and now New Romulus content feels forced upon the Klingons.

Klingons only work as cannon fodder for the feds. Like Orcs mostly works as cannon fodder for fantasy heroes. At last they didn't had advanced weapons, ships etc xD

It's crystal clear that Mr. Stahl and the boys don't want to even investigate beyond the most cartoony aspects of things like Klingon Honour, Klingon Reasoning, or the clearly demonstrated in both Fed, and Klingon material the fact that the entire conflict between the Federation and the Klingon Empire is rooted in the Federation's unwillingness to act in support of their 'allies' when said allies are in the right.

Why did the Klingons invade the Gorn Hegemony? it was NOT just cheap conquest, they had a genuine REASON-which is why Gorn officers join the KDF of their own free will, and Gorn shipyards are building Gorn vessels for Klingon crews.

I'm not just talking out my ass regarding the early missions on BOTH SIDES either- P'jem (Fed) is the most glaring example-the war fits Klingon logic, it's an act of, if not friendship, then "Intervention" in the same way we do Drug Addict interventions-"you're not thinking right, I will beat you until your head clears" is a VERY Klingon approach-and neatly explains how Omega can even EXIST, much less have Material support from the Empire AND Elite troops detailed to support it, or how, in spite of "This is not a joint operation" the KDF base on Defera is also the Federation base on Defera, with commanding officers sharing facilities.

Omega is...well supported with the storyline and end-game content, but New Romulus? Okay, let us begin with House Torg's dishonor in "Bringing down the House" and continue through the entire "Romulan Mystery" arc, to the eventual decision to (reluctantly) support the Reman insurgency against Romulan authority.

This does NOT fit with turning around and building a new Romulan state. a REMAN state, maybe-as a client of the Klingon Empire and a buffer in the manner of a Taiwan or West Berlin, maybe-or as bait to lure the Iconians out, maybe...

But that's not what we're getting. What we have gotten is poorly plotted, poorly planned conversion that ignores the fundamental factional and cultural differences between Federation, and Empire.

The dangling threads problem persists.