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Originally Posted by redricky View Post
Placates are bad enough and about to get worse. A tanking ability is not something I'd like to see in PvP. Plus, how would it work with the placate? I activate my tank ability so you can't attack anybody but me, then the S7 reputation bonus placate on crit activates so you can't attack me either. It's a bit complicated and I'm not convinced it's what Engi's need.

Make MW and RSF usable on allies, give it 6 months to settle, then see if Engi's still need a tweak.
It wouldn't work like that. The chance of fire absorption actually occurring, balance wise, would be low enough that you'd still, ~95-85% of the time be firing on your intended target. The essential idea is to give tanks an AOE DPS reduction while at the same time making the fact that they're tanks actually have purpose in PVP beyond just being damage sponges that don't become actual targets until the Tac's and Sci's are already dead. Plus the effect would also have a limited range, say, 5-7 KM (exactly, mind you. Under 5km and you're too close for it to work quickly enough, over 7km and you're too far away) from the tank for fire absorption to occur.

With fire absorption, tanks now don't have to work so hard to be more like Tac's to be worthwhile in PVP (In my experience, only tanks that are just a short way from being outright Tac DPS ships/players, only ever really matter in a PVP match. All others just get ignored until everyone else is dead) and can focus more on their intended healing purposes.

Teamwork becomes more important as now each career becomes an equal oppurtunity target, and as such teams have to decide which ships to focus fire on. Does your team hammer through the fire absorption and take out the Tac's and Sci's or does it break the tank outright and deal with the rest after? Does your team split up and and attack the Tac's and Sci's from the rear while the tank and one or two others takes the brunt of the assault? Do you Grav well them to oblivion and back and AOE them to death, taking advantage of the absorb's limited range? Divide and conquer or nuke the lot? Etc etc.

And as for placate, personally I'd rather see that get nerfed significantly (it should be an extremely rare occurrence) or have an actual defense against critical damage occurence introduced. For instance, say Kinetic resistence now also increases (at a far less rate than the normal Kinetic resist) resistance to Critical chance. Call it reinforced structural integrity or something.