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Originally Posted by glorthox View Post
When it comes to space combat, when you have the right gear you are at an even playing field as the borg. But when it comes to ground combat it seems way off. The borg can one shot our shields and take 75% of health off with a single blast. So how in the hell is that fair? I see more people queue'in up for space elites way more than ground and I think this is the reason why.
Truthfully, Ground combat isn't any more difficult than space combat.
There's just a different set of tactics to learn.

You know how in Elite endgame space combat, you can be one-shot by Tactical Cubes? Well in Elite endgame ground combat, you can be one-shot by Tactical Drones. You can avoid both happening by using certain powers and tactics.

The problem is that people get exposed to more and more difficult space enemy encounters as they level up, so they tend to learn at least some of the necessary tactics for endgame stuff as they go. And teamed content in space isn't that much different than solo content. But unlike space combat, ground combat at endgame is totally different to ground combat you'll have experienced up until then - you have no Bridge Officers with you, so you'll be a lot squishier than you're used to. You'll have to rely on teammates instead - your old tactics won't work, so you need to develop new ones.

The tactics you'll need to employ for endgame ground combat will work all the time, you just won't have needed to use them until endgame encounters. Things like Croutching and Rolling/Sprinting to minimize how often you get hit. Moving into Melee range of an enemy to stop them using their overpowered ranged attacks. CC powers. Shield Stripping. Even just using "Aim". (Not to mention carrying extra equipment: Remodulators, Hypos, Gambling Devices, etc. etc.)

Note also that if you're PUG'ing, you're going to have a much rougher time as a Tac than as an Engineer or a Science Captain in endgame ground combat.

In my experience, in PVE space combat Tacs are probably the most effective captain type. However on the ground, they're actually the least effective. Engineers (particularly Demolitions specialists) and Scis (with shield drains) can both kill NPC enemies very quickly, and are a lot more survivable. Playing as a Tac on the ground is basically "Hard mode": it's difficult (but not impossible) for Tacs to pull their weight in a PVE elite ground mission without requiring a lot of allied healing/buff support, since they just don't have the ability to mitigate incoming damage the same way that Scis or Engineers do. However with decent equipment and a lot of practice, most of that incoming damage can (thankfully!) be avoided altogether.

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