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Personal Log: Crewman Wraith: Stardate 88841.3

I'm nervous. I've never really been nervous before, at least not like this. I've been nervous before, like when I first started interacting with the crew but this is different. It's been almost two weeks since the transmission from Admiral Aviess and Captain Donovan is still pacing. It took a day or two for him to call me to his ready room but when he did, he had Dr. E'Saul with him. They sat me down and told me that the one thing he tried to keep from doing was the exact thing he was now asking me to do. It seems the Admiral asked specifically for me knowing full well that it was against the Captain's wishes, not to mention technically amoral. I was to be used by Starfleet as the weapon I was made to be.

It was something they weren't prepared for, but once the Admiral explained the situation how could Captain Donovan refuse? Recent intel suggests that the Borg are moving a lot of forces to a single Unimatrix and most recently one of those ships might have the Queen herself and this might be the only chance Starfleet has to strike. They would be sending in five ships, each of which would be sending in a single officer as a team to upload a Fractal virus to the Collective and if possible, neutralize the Queen herself. No one would be able to tell for certain what to expect as few had really seen the Queen and lived to tell. The Federation never expected the Borg to make a move like this but the involvement of the Queen fit too well into the future Q showed The Captain.

As a genetically engineered soldier I was the obvious choice, but possibly the biggest risk as well. With all the work put into making me, there had to be a few drawbacks, one of which was I don't have the mental abilities a normal Vulcan has, the biggest is that I don't have is an immune system. To counter this Borg nanoprobes were used, which is ironic since they suppress the immune system. That's how I ended up on what Commander Keating calls ?Section 31's leash?, the ability to reprogram and re-purpose Borg nanoprobes is a closely guarded secret to the Federation which means a serious security issue. With most cases of liberation the former drone can still hear the Collective and I?m no exception though anytime the crew came up against the Borg, I could hear them, almost feel them, but the probes never returned to their original purpose. Dr. E'Saul says if I can hear them I'm still a risk and if they could ever get control, who knows what they could do.

First began the scans, the tests, and the simulations to test just how high of a risk I was. Once Section 31 was satisfied I was an acceptable risk training began. The Senior Staff was given the task of training and educating me in everything Borg. From Wolf 359 to briefing by Ambassador Picard, and the records of a ship called Voyager. Funny enough The Captain is the only one with access to all the Borg records, but he refused to be in the ready room during the logs from Admiral Janeway. I was removed from assisting Chief Engineer Fine and ended up spending most of my time in the holodeck running scenarios, the only holodeck on board.... As if the crew didn't like me enough. Some sessions ran hours, a few even ran for over a full day. I don't need to sleep or eat much being mostly Vulcan but with the safety off I did need a lot of time in sickbay, so much so that I just began sleeping there while the Doctor did her tests and repairs. I can tell neither she nor the Captain like pushing me this hard, but at the same time, if we can stop the Borg Queen, I'll keep pushing myself.

It's obvious I?m not as smart as the crew, so technical training was kept to a minimum. When I do train to handle the systems, it was aggravating. I help out in engineering as an assistant, but I don't have the training to really be effective in that way. I was trained on mostly attack and defend patterns, my enhanced strength made hand to hand surprisingly effective so it was agreed that I would be bringing a sword with me, a collapsible one based on a Naussican design. The Captain even had me running a few times with something he called the TR-116, though it was deemed impractical as it was dead weight once it ran out of ammunition. It would be my job to protect the team as the other members were disabling systems and uploading the virus. While I'm not cleared to know who else is on the team (Captain Donovan says more likely they're not cleared to know about me) all of our training is recorded and added to the holodeck program to get us use to working as a team and get a general idea of how we'll do.

Dr. E'Saul says we have a high statistical probability of success, but Captain Donovan still has his worries. All I can do is prepare and hope I make him proud. As part of her tests, E'Saul is also running emotional and psychological profiles as well as judging stress levels. I'm used to hearing odd comments or jokes about me, but two days ago I overheard a few in the mess hall and ended up putting my fist through the console outside. While the Doctor suggested lightening my schedule, the Captain agreed with me to keep the current pace, but suggested I start taking my meals in sickbay until she can determine if it's due to stress or deeper aggression from what I am. I don't have many friends aboard, but I feel isolated stuck here, I even missed Devon's.... Chief Fine's Birthday party, I wasn't even in the holodeck training, it just slipped my mind with how busy I?ve been.

In fact the longer I train, the more isolated I feel. This prompted the Doctor to start trying to teach me to control my emotions. I doubt I'd like being in control, at least not like the rest of ?my people? as Ensign 'Ricky' teases. A shame the rest of ?my people? on board don't see it that way, although Commander T'Pal does try to include me in some of the Vulcan holidays on board. If I get the team back out, maybe I?ll take her up on it the next time, maybe the crew will think of me a little differently if we pull this off. A lot of the crew have mixed feelings about having an ?Augie? on board let alone one with Borg nanoprobes running through him. I'll be getting a few days before we meet the rest of the fleet assigned to rest up and recover so I?m at a hundred percent, but until then I?ll be in sickbay and the holodeck eating what they give me. I know the situation, but it's way too close to when I was first brought on board. Too much distrust for Section 31 as well as too much potential to use me as a weapon. I can see it on the Captain's face as well as the Doctor's, it's a look of worry and mistrust. This is exactly the kind of thing they feared would happen with Section 31, but the question what would they come up with next to get their hands on a brand new weapon? I'm proud of the work I do on the ship, but when will the Admiral find another reason to use me?

I'm not really sure what will happen when we get to the Unimatrix, but if it will save as many people as I'm told, than all of this will be well worth it. Who knows, maybe after all of this is over, I might be able to make some new friends on board the Morbius. I doubt it though. Everyone on board is preparing to take on the Borg. Since the U.S.S. Geist is still being repaired we're going to be taking the Morbius into the fight. The Borg already have time travel, so Starfleet isn't really worried if they scan the ship, but still, the modifications aboard should give the crew a good fighting chance if things go bad while I?m aboard the Queen's ship. The Doctor is in her office running a few tests based of my last few runs in the holodeck. She's asked me to record my thoughts and I have. I'm nervous as hell, but more than willing to endure if it will save lives, but for now I think I?m going to dim the lights and try to sleep while I can.

Computer, end log please.