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Originally Posted by reyan01 View Post
I don't suck - I'm very aware of what I am doing, and my Sci in my Wells class is a pretty effective crowd controller. Fact of the matter is if you end up in a PuG with four clueless rainbow-boats, it doesn't matter if you are the crowned King of DPS - that mission is probably going to fail.

Equally, I've played STF's where the PuG was fantastic and we've steamrollered the Borg.

And I am a member a Fleet - but the sad reality is that I'm not always online at the same time as many of my fleet-mates. And even then, those online have got to WANT to play the same STF/Fleet Action as you - and this isn't always the case (and fair is fair, I don't expect four other people to play an STF just because I want to. However, when they are available the mission almost always goes

I guess I could join another fleet, but I am VERY fond of the one I am in.
What's the problem then? You win some, you lose some. The game gets really damn boring when all you do is win.