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Originally Posted by hrci2907 View Post
i totally forgot about this, where do i need to go to claim this boff?
In the barracks there is a Nausicaan, can't remember his name but he stands on the level above the boff trainer on the left side of the room as you enter from the main city.

Originally Posted by cornjob View Post
I'm having same issue as OP, going to submit bug report but not going to hold my breath with season 7 looming. Might be a while before devs get to this. Wonder how long its been an issue though?
Since they first came out, there's an old thread about it that dates back to then. The devs said "their best men are on it" but alas they still haven't fixed it. Funny thing is, there is a way to edit them via a console command but still, it's been 8 or so months and still not fixed.
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