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Originally Posted by drkfrontiers View Post
Bud I apologise for my attitude.

From my experience cruisers get given so much grief in STF's because they try and accomplish things they just not great at.

What is wrong with the notion that an engineer's best role on the battlefield is support?

Why do players not get a thrill out of being that guy on the team that is just phenomenal at moments you are about to die, and suddenly he brings you back from death's door.

Thats the guy I remember. And that's the guy I send 100% of my friend requests to. Thats the guy I would have on my team any day. Healers are the rarest and most difficult career to master, because it requires you to multi-task at a moment's notice across 5 players. Cruiser's and Engineers in general, should be proud of that.

Instead I see a lot of cruisers that refuse to heal their team and try and be the man.
Hear hear. I fly my cruiser as a support damage ship. I know I won't be able to keep up with damage dealers, frankly I don't care. But I do feel underappreciated when I hit a guy with a TSS2 and Aux2SIF at 125 aux power, and all I hear is... that's right, silence even though I just saved them from a heavy plasma torp or iso charge/some random very angry BoP that wanted a kill via decloaking alpha nuke (yes I say angry, because there is no way in hell you can justify dealing that kind of damage without some rage being there).

I swear, the only place an engi cruiser is anywhere close to welcome is PvP. And guess what the smallest portion of STO is? Yep... -.-

Biggest portion? PvE. What is needed there? Yep, damage. What can cruisers no longer do as effectively? Damage. They can heal and tank like beasts. I have seen and done that on many occasions. It's actually rather fun knowing that I am keeping that tac cube angry at me, and letting the escorts/raptors/BCs/BoPs slap it around without it even noticing. But you don't get any love for doing that. I know for a fact that one of my friends only adds people because their ship did some sick damage and he saw it. Hate the guy in game, but he's my bud IRL, so what can ya do right?

Anyways, enough love/horror stories. You are absolutely correct. In space, engicruisers are support craft. Even specced for damage, they are better at support fire and healing, and occasionally face-checking a torp for you. I personally love seeing an engi-oddy tanking the crap out of the borg and letting me demolish them without any fear of reprisal. It makes life as a squishnukescort fun. er. XP. Shame that nobody else on my team appreciates that guy...

And as for OP? Yeah, you're right, but if you think about it, any thread that even whispers cruisers will have that happen. I saw nothing wrong with your turn bonus and beam buff, a little iffy on your BOff change, but that's opinion nothing more. As far as I can tell, your ideas are sound. ish. Within reason XD.

P.S This post was made after 22 hours without sleep and actually doing lots of stuff during the day. So if it makes no sense whatsoever, that's why.
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