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Originally Posted by hortwort View Post
Are they ground up first?
Just crammed in lol
Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
Insufficient data.

Dik Dik Babies?
Pangolin Babies?
Beluga Whale Babies?

How old are these babies?
I was thinking newborn humpback whale babies, but I really don't want another visit from that giant probe.

Originally Posted by hevach View Post
In addition to taco's questions: What class of starship are we talking? How many cochranes field potential does the warp core have? Synchronous or asynchronous? Transwarp potential? Secondary reaction chambers?

Just too many variables.
Galaxy class, Asynchronous, with secondary reaction chamber.
Thanks for the expansion that had "as much content as the last"
9 Episodes = 30+ episodes...?

It's pronounced "S.T.O." "Stow" sounds idiotic! lol