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11-06-2012, 06:45 AM
Since Forum Posts are always more entertaining with some graphic art, I have made up some quick mockups that I would like to see as "Improvements" to the current travel system.

I'd just like to add (since my examples are based out of Starfleet Academy), next to the minimap you have a "Beam to Ship" button, which is suspiciously greyed out. That button should definitely replace the "Low priority interaction" UI element, as the source for a 1-stop shop in all forms of travel.

Notably, I gave each button a more "Trek" like terminology, which also serves to clarify for the player what exactly will happen upon clicking said button. Once you click one of the buttons, the effect should be instantaneous without a Confirmation popup. Also made the slight modification to the UI, in putting an X in the corner rather than a ---, to make it more clear that it will close the window (and not minimize it as one would assume in a Windows application).

EDIT: On Sol System map, you have 2 options for leaving the system; "Depart System" which replaces the non-functional "Beam to Ship" button next to the minimap. Or "Warp To Sector". Both of which give different confirmation popups. I feel as though these are relatively minor things, that should be easy to fix. I hope one of the environmental artists or map makers see's this thread at some point.

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