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11-06-2012, 10:04 AM

thank you very much for your help guys.

I am a SCI Vice-Admiral. (I should have chosen TAC..)

Well I think I will wait till Christmas with my decision, maybe PWE has some christmas sale on ships again.

Recently I bought the Armitage, next will be the Regent, I have the Mobius and the Temporal Warfare Set and I am unlocking boxes till I die for the Wells. Maybe I will buy the Tier 5 Defiant and the Blockade Escort later on.

I almost had every Fed ship and I have to say that I loved the Escorts and the Bellerophon most of them.

The Odyssey Pack looks good, and then all the unique consoles into the TAC Variant should do the trick.

I will read your answers a few times through again, but anyway I want to tell you how good it feels to be treated so kind.
Although beeing a Vice-Admiral, I have done some wrong turns in the game and made decisions I maybe shouldn't have done. But I love it to come here, ask something no matter how stupid, and get perfectly and friendly replys.

Thank you again.

Sorry if my grammar isn't good, english isn't my native language.