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11-06-2012, 09:22 AM
Apologies for me taking so long to write my feedback on the new sector block.

Now before I forget:

First of all (and I think I saw someone mention it), some patrols advance the "Patrol Tau Dewa" mission more than others. Most seem to give 20% towards the objective, while at least one (sadly didn't notice which one, just saw the result of having less %) only gives 15%.

Unless it's only some glitch, it would seem better to have it fixed at having to do 5 patrols of your choice to complete the mission. You don't end up in a situation where you finish your supposed last patrol and end up receiveng less than the expected amount of completion %.

If some patrols don't warrant the 20%, then consider adding one of the respective objectives.

Now onto one patrol I had some trouble with. It's either the Pheben or Beta Lankal system patrol, the one where you install a quarantine by launching satellites and then disabling a couple freighters.

The problem was I had to get to a complete stop to launch a satellite (not that bad albeit annoying in a low "inertia" cruiser), which combined with the fact I was only allowed to launch a satellite in a very small zone (much smaller than the circles shown in the map) made it very bothersome.

Well, that's about it. The other (more or less fighting) patrols were fact paced, fun (was pleasant to see the Enterprise come and help once). Nothing to report there.

All in all, nice mission. If only it rewarded the player in any meaningful way (marks are not an attractive reward).
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