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Heavy plasma is the only torp that loses damage over distance (5km+ its weak) unless you using the reman set.
I try to avoid being within 5km to avoid tractor grabs and other reveal abilities.

Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
The video I posted shows me using the tachyon beam. I was testing it. I realized its a waste as the shield drain is too weak (extremely weak) and the b'rel autocloak is put on hold while it is being fired and that got me killed more times than I cared for.

Note: Even if you maxed out on stealth skill (9) you still need to load 1 blue mk11 or better stealth module. NPCs and players will detect you at close range unless you have it. Without the console you will be fired upon by npc's at about 2km range.. with the console you can literally bounce off their hulls and not get detected.
Do you have points in Flow Capacitors? Excluding Power Insulator resistance, I can get about a 4k shield drain with Tachyon Beam 3. It's not great, but it's not horrible. I didn't find any of the other sci abilities as useful. I tend to use Tachyon Beam after I launch my first torpedo. I believe Tachyon Beam drains for for 4 seconds? That should be enough time for all of my torpedoes to launch and begin to recloak.

I have had a different experience from you regarding the the Stealth skill and no Stealth console. I have been 0km away from a Science officer in a Sci ship with his aux at 125 (while my Aux was at 118), and he couldn't see me. I've also flown past a gate in Khitomer and Infected Elite after getting aggro, and it never fired on me as I flew right in front of it.