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Originally Posted by suaveks View Post
The only feedback I can provide at the moment is that the mission is way too overcomplicated and overwhelming.

From what I've managed to check it's a daily that requires you to tag the animals which in turn provides active data that needs to be collected in larger amounts so that you can run a doff mission which will provide an actual research data to be used on exchange for an actual pet which will then need to be evolved in different varieities through even more doff missions and later even exchanged for romulan marks or some very rare variants but you can only run the mission every 20 hours so you're gonna need to grind the research data so that you can run a doff mis... *head explodes*

Yeah... no... I didn't think I'll say this but can I just pay some Zen for one of those...?

Or better yet, can I get one of those tigers or reptiles walking around?
Those would be nice. I want one of the giant scorpions myself. I SOOO want to wander around DS9 with a 9-foot scorpion following me!

I can haz joystick!
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