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Originally Posted by crypticarmsman View Post
No, it doesn't. It happens to about 1 in 10 (going by my fleetmate reports; and some people, myself included have never experienced this loading issue with either ESD or DS9.

The problem does indeed exist, but no, it doesn't happen to nearly everyone (and that's too bad in a way because if it did, it would probably be easier to track down and correct.)
And that's the main reason why it isn't fixed. Yes, Cryptic knows about the problem, but they have no more idea of why it happens than we do. And without knowing what's causing the problem, it's pretty much impossible to fix.

The problem is that there's no single one consistent way to make it happen. Cryptic devs have seen it happen to themselves, but without being able to reproduce the issue reliably, it still doesn't help.
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