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11-06-2012, 10:11 AM
Lets not pretend it would be difficult to write a convincing Klingon storyline if unfettered from federation mechanics. They're a fairly deep and complicated culture that go far beyond space orcs. I'd say they are a great deal more intriguing than the federation, and they have not a fraction of the content to pull from. A good writer that wasn't leashed could write some fantastic stuff. If anything, by bouncing Klingon and Federation opposing ideologies and methods off each other, it would improve to content for both sides entirely.

The proper way to have done this seasons content would have been having the Klingons try and subjugate the Romulans, while the federation tried to prevent it. Then maybe we could actually pretend like we're suppose to be at war. I don't even like the notion of pushing it off on the political correctness of not enslaving or subjugating another culture... That's total bullocks! Klingons do slave trade, occupations, and other nastiness in their doff missions!

It's really just a matter of Cryptic wishing they never created the Klingon faction and half assing it because they don't want to invest the time and resources to do it right.

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