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Originally Posted by zeuxidemus001 View Post
You forget how she had Miral Paris making agreements for Klingon Tech for months before she just stole the last piece he wouldn't trade. So one could debate it was federation but even if you stole something from someone and currently hold it... It doesn't mean that you created it which is a flaw in that logic that it was made by the federation. Being what was stated by Janeway and Paris in the finale of the series its pretty safe to say all that tech was Klingon.
Read again what I wrote.
I did not say where it came from.
I did not say it was invented by the Feds.
I only said she didn't steal it from the Klingons and that she already had it in her posession when she stole the deflector.
Don't put words in my mouth.
Oh, BTW if the armor tech was actually Klingon why was Korath so interested in getting it?
Appearently it was not a Klingon design or he would have known about it.
In addition the episode only specifies Janeway was helping Korath get into the council so she could get the deflector, show me where they talk about getting anything else from the Klingons.

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