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11-06-2012, 11:28 AM
I dont think cbs is the problem here, if I had to take a guess id say perfect world.

We should remember that when the KDF began in sto, all it was supposed to be was a pvp faction. You remember the grinds, no episodes, and pvp. Latter on of course the devs realized oh crap more fans wanted to be klingons or Romulans then feds. When I got this game I knew there was a slim chance, but I wanted to be a Romulan. As it was the one thing that was vastly unexplored in star trek. Of course I found out you couldn't be a Romulan so I went to the next best thing the Klingons. Only to find out that I needed to create a fed first.

My point is its been a cluster frack up for a long time now, but the KDF is showing signs of becoming a complete faction on ITS OWN. The story bugs me more often then not, because it usually follows fed ideals, but I can live with that if they actually complete the KDF. Once this is done, then latter on they can tweak the stories for a more klingon outcome.