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11-06-2012, 11:34 AM
The [DMG] modifier is a little more intricate than a flat +5 bonus damage per volley

A blue {Ship Weapon} Mk (N) [Dmg]x2 = A White {Ship Weapon} Mk (N+1)


Antiproton Dual Heavy Cannons Mk X [Dmg]x2 = Antiproton Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XI

Disruptor Beam Array Mk VIII [Dmg]x2 = Disruptor Beam Array Mk IX

Tricobalt Torpedo Launcher Mk XI [Dmg]x2 = Tricobalt Torpedo Launcher Mk XII

And so least according to my research and simple arithmetic. Furthermore, I thought I should add this to deepen an informed discussion, rather than pick one side or the other
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