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Hello Captains,

You may have noticed that Neverwinter has recently upgraded to a newer version of vBulletin (our forum software) -- STO will be making the upgrade in the future. We know that your forum persona is important to you, so we want to make sure you know everything that you should do before the change, as well as what some of the new features are:

  • You will need to re-upload your signature and avatar. VB4 uses a separate database, so you'll need to add these back in once the upgrade is complete.
  • You will want to save your private messages as they may be lost in the upgrade.
  • You will want to bookmark any threads you are subscribed to as subscriptions may be lost in the upgrade.
  • You will be able to report posts for breaking the community rules. This system worked well in the past, and with VB4, this feature will return.
  • Threads that contain Dev Posts will be marked.
  • Other improvements to the forum system, including some that are listed as outstanding in this thread:

These are pretty much it for the big changes. The other good news is what won't change. No posts should show as "Archived User" -- you should still be able to edit all your old posts. This is an upgrade, and functionality will remain intact, just make sure you get your signature, avatar and PMs are saved.

We don't yet have a timeline for when this will go live for STO but I will let you all know when we've locked in a date. We are still a ways out, and other games will upgrade first. I'll keep you all updated as we learn more.

In the meantime, feel free to check out the Neverwinter forums and let us know what you think of the changes -- your feedback can be left in this thread so we can make sure to consider it for STO's and other games' forum upgrade.


Brandon =/\=

P.S. I will sticky this thread once it's gains some traction -- some users end up missing stickied threads.
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