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Originally Posted by bluegeek View Post
This is not a referendum on the Volunteer Mod program. If anyone has a problem with it, or with any particular Mod, then Bran_Flakes is your guy and a support ticket is the way to go. I don't say that out of arrogance, I say that because that's the way it works and the buck stops at Bran_Flakes. If we need additional guidance, he's the one who will do it.

The forums are not an appropriate venue for any specific discussion about moderation because:

#1: The forums are about Star Trek Online, not about the forums. Discussing the forums on the forums does not generally constructively contribute to the reason PWE runs them in the first place. Now if you want to discuss the Community within the rules, that's different.

#2: Discussion of moderation actions is against the Forum Rules. The rules are clear that if you have a problem with moderation you need to open a ticket. The ticket will be reviewed by somebody other than the person who did the moderating (and the Volunteers have no visibility into their ticket system anyway).

That said, the subject of what the Mods did or didn't do or shouldn't do is now closed as far as this thread is concerned. If you have an issue with the forums, open a ticket. It's that simple. Any further off-topic discussion about moderation in this thread will be referred to the Community Manager for investigation.

If anyone still has any questions about how to open a ticket, or if they want additional clarification about when they should open a ticket, I'd be happy to help.

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