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11-06-2012, 12:12 PM
i basically use my tuffli as a bank. currently i have a regular reman set on it, which i will never upgrade (already having done that once.....not again).

i had extra tetryon mk 12 beams i put on it and in the devices i just store extra stuff i have. right now i have it loaded up with turrets fabricated from alien devices.

i just see this ship as a convenient way to bank, , access the exchange, switch ships, pick up low priced commodities, etc.

my wife does assignments for me during the day and she likes it because she can easily warp around in it to find me good assignments.

one time i forgot to change ships while in the tuffli and entered a fleet base defense while in it. i looked pretty silly. at least i had heals so i was able to stay close to the base and heal it, but basically i was easy prey in there.

you can easily go back and forth between the tuffli and other ships limiting the amount of time you spend going to a base for banking and such.

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