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11-06-2012, 12:17 PM
I agree with all your base changes to all beams(though I think a slightly higher increase here) and cruisers. Though i think this game needs balance pass on all turn rates inertia mods and shield and hull strength.

1. I think they just need to add a fleet assault cruiser period....

2. this is a obvious change that should have been there since the creation of the ship.

3. Honestly I don't agree with this one but the dread does need some love due to it not having a fleet version I honestly think it should just have 10 console slots... a extra engi or science wouldn't make this ship better then fleet ships due to there hull and shield bonuses.

or why don't they just make a fleet version with one uni boff and extra tac or engi console that is unlock by buying the cstore dread... I mean the lance is nice ability but long cooldown and slow turn rate of the dread would leave it for one hit bursts in most situations...

Maybe they could combine the lance with the cloak console.... add the lance model kinda like they do with the borgset or other sets... Though this would take alot of art time... But i think the money from a fleet version would be there... To off set the time cost...