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11-06-2012, 01:19 PM
* Romulan outfit

You supposedly need an embassy and I am guessing outfit vendor unlock project(s) to got with it.
Don't know if my fleet is doing one or we will ever actually see the costume.

Look around on new romulus and I saw some npc's wearing a pimp hoodie but I am guessing our version will be the one depictured in the reputations system window - which is a huge shame.
So while I do want an romulan outfit between those 2 things I sort of said goodbye to it already. Would would you give the npc's a cool hoodie and cheat me out of it ? Not fair!

* Plasma flamethrower

A normal flamethrower would actually have been a lot cooler, especially if they catch fire or plasma fire.
I guess I can live with just plasma if they at least get soaked in the stuff.
However as a pure twitch player I don't have 3-4 seconds to stand out in the open and let the firering animation run so for real combat it's a quite useless weapon.
When I throw a nade I am only out in the open for exactly 1 second to mark the shot before I am behind cover again wall-glitching like the borg do you.
Waiting 2 seconds before it even starts firering that's just crazy talk but sure for fun if they catch plasma fire and stand there burning I can dig it.

* Entourage

Probably the one item I am doing the whole romulan rep for. It's an active, it's a physical visual and it's not a consumable.

* Romluan space set, weapons and consumables

I might want the space set but if I am not allowed to read the stats or see the visuals and price before unlocking it (the project itself not the tier), it's too big a risk to go for at least initially.
The weapons I use are mainly pulsewave or sniper OR something with a unique visual or sound effect. Going to have to be quite special to give up what I already have, say a special death animation or w/e. Plus 2% crit chance is worth exactly 0 dilithium.
Consumables make me laugh. If I can invest dil and marks into permanent items why would I ever throw it away on a non permanent item ?
And so if I want to call in fleet support I will roll a sci for free, just like if I want sec. escort I will roll a tac for free and spend my resources on something that's actually new...

* The passives and the captain abliity

I might become a slighter better tank or my dps numbers might go up but I am not getting 1 single new animation. It's just empty numbers for maps I am already walking all over, and, had to walk all over 300 times to get symbolic stats changes.

So when I max the new system my character will look the same, do the same and feel the same, albeit I might have a flamethrower I will take out on occasion.

But since the dil cost is now gone I consider the reputation a side project running while I play the actual game without paying much attention to it so it's fair enough.
The input/output ratio is fair now.