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11-06-2012, 12:45 PM
I'm not really going to weigh in on the whole DPS build topic, as I'm still working out how I like my own builds, and won't dictate to others. However there is much I agree with and disagree with.

One point in specific: The different roles you take can dictate what your end DPS is. However, the example was kang guardian. The claim was this gives you more DPS. False!

Guarding Kang has consistently in every STF I have tracked with battlelog given LESS DPS than other roles. For one, you are performing a support role, and a necessary role, but BoPs have very little hull points. That's a finite amount of damage you can rack up, even if you do your job right. Further you're spending half your time travelling back and forth. Especially with MRRMLL. If you do 3-pronged attacks where the BOP man covers 1 lane while hitting nanites, you have a much higher dps, but otherwise if you're doing BoPs only you wil have a fraction of your DPS potential recorded in your stats tracker.

On the other hand, you might think KASE probe duty has the same problem, but it doesn't. I've got many top DPS matches on probe duty. The answer is simple: You have your own cubes to deal with and the nanites and the transformers to constantly keep your fire rate up. Firing more = more dps. Constant fire helps more than burst I would wager. It's the pauses in your firing that hurt dps overall, so taking off-side probe duty on KASE is a good way to get top DPS.