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11-06-2012, 12:59 PM
I do like where this is going I just have a few problems of how the story telling from what we know so far isn't meshing to me atleast on where the game is heading.

#1. If we are to be allies with both Factions in relation to the Romulans and get their tech but not able to play actual romulans and then the fake romulan aliens we made would need to be able to be turned into actual romulans...

#2. There is a Fed/KDF war but yet both sides are in an alliance with the Romulan Star Empire. It's like the hatfields and the mckoys go to a restraunt and because they both like the food they just happen to not shoot each other until they get to the parking lot?

#3. How is the KDF going to benefit from this alliance? How is it benefiting from a cease fire or possible end to the Fed/KDF war? I could see the federation going into an alliance but very vague look of it being any romulan can come in and pretend to be one of them and sabotage the alliance and then so much hostility in the past against the KDF that they could even look at peace lol.

This all seems an attempt in reality to keep the war going but to declaw the KDF once and for all.

Although it would be cool if we had a negh'var-scimitar hybrid to come out of this then I could agree on it

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