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11-06-2012, 02:47 PM
my favorite the 3 piece borg with maco 12 shields is gone in season 7. i guess you could still use that set up if you wanted. i have now abandoned that set up to get ready for season 7.

i decided to keep my sets "pure", so i am using the borg set and maco 12 set primarily. i have a couple ships that use the omega 12 or aegis set.

once season 7 starts i may shuffe the sets around to see what works best on each ship, but so far my set ups seem to be working pretty well. i really don't see a lot of difference between the borg and maco 12 sets on ships where i have tried both sets.

i'm eager to see what might be introduced in season 7 as far as sets are concerned. the last couple of sets i tried were very disappointing.

the jem hadar set was a fair amount of work and i keep that set on a shuttle. the biggest disappointment was the reman set. for that kind of work to upgrade to level 12 i expected it to be really good. i was wrong. i use it, but it is not a great set. looks cool but that is about it.

i also find the fleet deflectors, engines and shields to be a joke.

my recommendation is maco 12 or borg.