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11-06-2012, 02:49 PM
Point Blank STO pvp is not living up to what it should be....Cryptic has taken my favorite franchise tv show/ movies and completely made a fool of it, with its non realistic, horribly unbalanced, and pay 2 win game engine. How can i play PVP in a game that completely neglect pvp all together.

Season 8 will be another p2w grind fest with horribly unbalanced abilities nothing will be fixed and the only contribution to pvp that will occur will be 1 new map to ground pvp.

Unless something EPIC occurs during season 8 this life time account holder will not return and will not spend anymore money on this game.

I will remain in MWO with their Epic and totally balanced PVP cause its just that much more well built sorry Cryptic......

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