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Monitoring temperatures while the game is running or from within the BIOS? Within the BIOS is misleading unless you are performing hardware diagnostics and taxing the hardware resources.

Go into the troubleshooting section of the game and turn down your settings to see if you can reproduce the error. Turn everything down to the lowest settings.

If it still occurs and if, as you stated, it is not a temperature issue, then you have a software issue and I would recommend reinstalling the OS and replacing all your drivers with the up-to-date versions. You may wish to try driver updates first to see if that resolves the problem. Try turning the dump file on so you can collect the possible bluescreen error which may indicate a driver issue. Beyond that reinstall a clean OS with updated drivers

If it doesn't occur then it may be that your video card drivers do not know how to process the game commands. May take a driver update only and possibly, you may be using a card that cryptic doesn't support. You might also try using directx 9 instead of directx11 (BETA) in the game's controls if your video driver doesn't fully support directx 11

After all that and you have eliminated software as the culprit...

Go buy yourself a $5 can of compressed air (or use an air compressor that you blow up your car tires with) and remove all the dust and crap from inside your computer.. get the power supply, get the fans on your GPU and CPU and basically get all the layers of "insulation" (i.e. dust) off your components that is keeping them warmer than they should.

Make sure your computer has at least 1 inch of space behind it. It is also recommended that you keep your computer on the ground rather than a desk as hot air rises and it is warmer in the room on top of the desk. If your computer is stored in a cabinet portion of your desk with a closed door, open the door.

Make sure all of your fans are working. Check your computer BIOS and make sure that the RPMs are where they should be. If your fans are not spinning very fast or are making a weird sound like they need to be lubricated, replace them. Don't try to lubricate them yourself as it is just better to replace them.
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