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Many of us have played the new Into the Hive STF on Tribble.

It has a space part at the end which serves well enough as a climax, it has a short ground part which is a boss battle for the most part, but what it lacks is any kind of lead-in story or set up.

I found this most disappointing. YOu just beam right into the middle of the most inner sanctum of the Borg without any explanation on why and how. All you get is "Here we are, there's the Queen, kill her!"

I don't expect any kind of update from Cryptic to add a beginning of this story, but I thought maybe the Foundry community can remedy that.

The challenge would be to write a mission that leads up right to that moment where we beam into the Queen's antechamber.

The winner could be spotlighted and declared the "Official Into the Hive prequel story".

What do you think?