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Originally Posted by keppabar42 View Post
I guess I'm odd in actually liking the look of the Excelsior class. It always kind of made me think of what happened when starfleet designers tried to make a Hotrod starship!
Huge low profile engineer hull, oversized nacelles, all it needs is the chrome trim! My main wish for it, apart from a possible fleet version, would just be an authentic bridge for it. The one from the Voyager flashback episode ideally, as I think that was its best looking iterration.
Not all hot-rods need chrome trim. Please don't bring the Excel' down to the low levels of the low-level Miranda captains that have equipped their ships with;

- 22"Chrome spinner deflector array Mk III
- "Racer-X" stick on graphics Mk IV [Tacky]
-Tinted observation deck windows MK II [Delaminating]

As far as a "Fleet Excelsior", I know that I am not impressed with the other "Fleet Cruisers" but I am not sure that the Excel' should be the next platform when we could introduce ships like the Ambassador as another "Fleet Cruiser"instead.