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Originally Posted by dorrajimus View Post
1) What is the command that enables the view to follow the combatant shipp whereever it goes? I hate having to manually adjust the screen in battle...and hate not knowing where the other ship is once it goes off the screen.

2) I've noticed that when engaged with more than one ship, when the primary target is destroyed, sometimes the next ship will be automatically targeted...other times, it's not. What gives?

3) Sometimes if I double click on a ship, my ship will move in the direction of the ship...other times, it doesnt. What gives?

4) I have dilithium...where can I refine it?

5) I have 20 slots for duty officers but I only have 5 (level 23 Commander), and it appears that the only way I can acquire more duty officers is to buy them with zen? Is this the only? Is there another way?

6) Are EV suits only purchaseable with refined dilithium?

Thanks in advance!
3) Double-clicking on an enemy does seem to set you on a course towards them but not always. Not sure why it isn't consistent.