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Originally Posted by kingdoxy View Post
So I picked up a Tuffli off the exchange since they are going for much cheaper then usual and I'm just curious what is the best build for this ship?

I want to fly fast so I figure the borg engines are the best? And what do I do with all the Device slots this thing has?

Some input would be appriciated.
As with others, I purely use the Tuffli for DOFFing, so here is my build. As you can see, it focuses on being able to turn well in system space (e.g. if you accidentally overshoot DS9).

Uni Lt: Emergency Power to Aux, Aux to Inertial Dampeners
Uni Ens: Doesn't matter

Weapons: Doesn't matter
Deflector: Doesn't matter
Engines: Borg
Shields: Doesn't matter

Devices: Doesn't matter (I used to use it for Heavy Phaser Turret storage, for starbase construction, but we stopped doing those projects)

Eng Consoles: RCS Accelerators
Sci Consoles: Doesn't matter
Tac Consoles: Doesn't matter

Power Settings: 25/25/100/50

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